Reedy Pig Statistical Analysis

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The game of reedy pig involves a minimum of 2 players, a dice and a scoring system. There are 5 rounds, of which you roll the dice as many times a you like, to try and get the highest score. However, if you roll the number 2, you loose your entire score from that round and forced to stop. My task is to use statistical analysis to formulate a strategy that will maximise the total points and help me win the game.

Whilst we know that the probability of rolling a 2 is 1/6, we need to put this theoretical data to the test and into trials to see how often the number 2 actually occurs. To collect the necessary data to carry out my own strategy, I will play 3 trial games with a random person and calculate the average time it takes to roll a 2, and the average score as a result from the three games. From there I will use the mean for the amount of times it takes to roll a two, and trial a further 3 games by only rolling that amount of times, no matter what my score is. For example, If I roll a
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The results were impacted significantly by an outlier in Game 3 (yellow highlighted box)

This table shows that if the outlier was removed and instead replaced with the average score from the last game, the overall trial results would be changed significantly. For example, the average (mean) total score would be 18.0 instead of 23.6, and the average (mean) rolls until any given player is out would be 4.9 as opposed to 6.3.

However, I will stick to my method and use the results from the original 3 games, and trial a further 3 games by only rolling 6 times, hoping to exceed the average score by round, to prove my strategy
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