Reena Virk Analysis

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Reena Virk was not like many of the other teenagers in Victoria, British Columbia. She wished the opposite, she aspired to be the tough girl everybody knew not to mess with, the pretty girl all the guys spoke so keenly about, and she wished to be a popular girl and gossip with her friends about “girl things”. Reena never got the chance to fulfill these wishes, for her life was taken from her much too young. Reena Virk was a 14 year old girl who’s looks stood out in the neighbourhood of View Royal. Instead of having luscious blonde hair, clear skin and a slim body, she was dark skinned, had harsh dark hair and was a bigger build than most of the girls in her school. Reena came from a traditional East Indian family, who were sufficiently strict and cared for her health and safety just as any other family should. Her grandmother was a Jehovah witness and her uncle Raj was her own personal chauffeur, who had a unique car that Reena enjoyed cruising in. Reena started acting out, and began smoking and refusing to abide by the household and family rules. She left home and started experimenting staying at group homes with other girls her age. Reena never found a group of girls she desired to be…show more content…
Her uncle even warned her that if you were associated with gangs you were either going to end up dead or in jail, but nobody ever thought that young Reena Virk would pay for it literally. She risked her life in a safe home with a loving family to be rebellious and try to fit in with dangerous ‘cliques’. Nobody should go through what Reena had gone through just to try and feel important and recognized. What happened underneath the bridge on the cold November night was completely uncalled for and extremely disheartening. To know that such a young and innocent girl lost her life just for trying to have friends is repulsing, and the ones held responsible prove that violence affects all ages and
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