Reevidence-Based Nursing Management

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Havva Arsln yurumezoglu, BSN,PHD,Department of Nursing Management, and Dokuz Eylul University, lzmir, Turkey observed that nurses have a high intent to leave their organization and as a result lead to nursing shortage which make the problem more serve, and call for immediate action.Thus,both of the researchers worked extensively tryig to find asolution and finally come out with a proposed pilot study in utilizing evidence-based nursing management and evaluate its practical effects in improving the levels of both job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intent to leave among nurses in Turkey.There are a great deal of strenghths which show how well the authors carried out those elements. Yet, there are defacts or weakness which get our attention and we will illustrate it later.

On one hand,one of the strongest point in the present study can be represented in the orginality of thought,organization and clarity of presentation . Thus,the researchers begins with introduction about nursing shortage which become awidwworld problem and needs an immediateand quick solution scince the intent to leave is the basic predictor of actually leaving,and as a result brings a big load for nurse manager to prevent the loss of existing nurses and to find other ways to keep them as a workforce. So the researchers succeded in presenting information about the study showing its significance clearly.As the good research should stem from a real problem in the field and this problem

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