Reference (Apa Format). Lee, A., Hobson, R. (1994). I,

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Reference (APA Format)
Lee, A., Hobson, R. (1994). I, you, me, and autism: An experimental study. Journal Of Autism & Developmental Disorders, 24(2):155-176. doi:10.1007/BF02172094
Theoretical Basis Experimenters wanted to find out why children and adolescents with autism use personal pronouns and what are the reasons why.
No formal hypothesis of the whole article was found but the hypothesis for the experiment was that the subjects with autism would have a harder time in understanding in comparison to non autistic subjects and less of a tendency to use personal pronouns with proper names.
Independent Variables
Twenty-five subjects with autism
Dependent Variables
Twenty-five non autistic subjects
Control Groups
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Recommendations for Future Research

I am relating the article to Chapter 6 and I am writing about Autism Spectrum Disorder

This experimental study is about how children with autism use personal pronouns. Not much research has been done on this particular subject. Examples of those personal pronouns are I, you and me. One of the earliest childhood autism studies ever done was by Dr.Leo Kanner. He did a study pertaining to children’s with autism use of personal pronouns. He explained that in terms of Echolalia- Chapter 6, in which is defined as a child 's immediate or delayed parrot-like repetition of words or word combinations. He went on to say that children with autism tend to form their speech to their understanding of the situation hence why they have Echolalia. There were twenty-five autistic (n=25) children and adolescents subjects in which twenty were male and five were females. They have already been given Diagnosis- Chapter 4 of having autism according to the DSM-III-R (3rd edition), and each of them already have endured early onsets of what was a general consensus of what autism was and displayed general behaviors that come with autism. These subjects were given the British Picture Vocabulary Scale (BPVS) to estimate their verbal mental age and they were separated into a upper ability and lower
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