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Cons and Prons of Short story and Poetry Monica Cruz Ashford University ENG 125: Introduction into Literacy Arjun Buxi February 12, 2013 Short Story The theme is about the story is about conflicts between personal responsibilities and pleasure-seeking. Therefore in the story is about making wise decision, but sometimes making wrong decision could leaded to hard consequence in their relationship. Also in the story it explains the value of life and adulthood and at the end the realizing what is the value of life and what they have. Furthermore, it also has some theme of romantic between the American and the girl. As the man explains” The hills across the valley of the Ebro were long and white”( Clugston,2010)the river…show more content…
This short story is in action following a single story, because it takes place in one place the same day. The man seems unable to take responsibility. He is willing to run and not face the responsibility that comes of becoming an adult. He is so selfish man and nothing will get in his way to enjoy liberty of life. This includes killing their unborn baby and stepping over the women he loves. The Third-Person narrator really works to construct the theme “Hills like white elephants” we can see the Reporter and the storyteller in the short story. The reporter does not tell us what the character are think, only what they are doing and seeing. The writer also provides symbols like (the river ebro, same white hills) the weather (hot) and the train, this means that the narrator is putting memories that can speak using a metaphors into short s tory. The passage is citing to show that jig doesn’t speak Spanish, but is translated more than once in the story by the narrator. The author Hemingway wants to draw attention to the readers, to show that the narrator speak Spanish. Another thing that is not explained in the story is that the American man does not speak Spanish, which means he couldn’t have order the two beers. For example “Dos Cervezas” the man said into the curtain (Clungston, 2010). Which means the language are switch between the story which are
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