Referral Reasons By John Doe

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Referral Reasons John Doe is a 28 year old Caucasian male. Mr. Doe carries a primary diagnosis of moderate intellectual impairment, along with the secondary diagnoses of autism and mild schizoaffective disorder. He was receiving residential services through Parsons State Hospital and Training Center until 2013, when his guardian expressed concern that the rights of Mr. Doe were being unreasonably restricted. To ease his concern about the rigorous restriction of Mr. Doe’s rights, the guardian began to do some research on less restrictive placements that would offer Mr. Doe community inclusion. After some research, Doe’s guardian discovered Adele Services; an agency that offers community based living, a Special Olympics team, and leisurely…show more content…
This goal and reward system was implemented by Doe’s guardian and case manager. Doe has been known to use technology to view child pornography. As a result Adele Services has had to rigorously monitor his internet use. One of his goals is to appropriately use the internet for one hour each night in his home. After he uses the internet, his housing staff will view his kindle to ensure that no child pornography has been browsed. If he meets his goal, he can browse the web again the next day, but if he views child pornography his guardian will be notified and his kindle will be taken away until further notice. Helping Process The agency is currently in the “implementation” stage of the helping process with Doe. Because he made the choice to slam his head through the wall at day services two weeks ago, his case manager and guardian are making efforts to improve his maladaptive behaviors. Doe visited his psychiatrist and had his medication adjusted in order to decrease the likelihood of further self- harm. Adele Services staff continues to speak with Doe about appropriate ways to express his anger, but still hopes the new medication will benefit him. To assess any needs or issues Doe has in his home or day services he can enter his case manager’s office at any time he chooses. Together the case manager and Doe discuss the programs and plans Adele Services has implemented into Does life. The case manager may write down any important issues in the
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