Refining Solutions

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Refining Solutions PHL/458 February 27, 2012 Refining Solutions When in search for a viable solution into refining ideas there are three main steps to follow. According to Vincent R. Ruggiero, the three steps to follow are to work out details by determining exactly how solutions will be applied. The next step is to examine each detail for imperfections, and the last step is to make any improvements that will eliminate the imperfections. In week two the original issue that was faced was a computer glitch and improper operations that hindered work deadlines. There were several reasons to what was causing the computer to act incorrectly. Some of the reasons were viruses, spyware/malware, old system, hard drive being full, and a few…show more content…
How can one prevent any potential computer glitches with the best possible overall outcome for the user? With software that allows IT departments to see how computers on the network are running, there is more a chance to spot an issue. Having a professional IT performing regular maintenance checks on the computer systems also allows for new problems to be spotted. If say, there was only software that detected malfunctions there would be no way to fix the problem immediately. There is also no way for the software to be able to be programed for any and all computer glitches or malfunctions because there are so many circumstances and situations. By having someone who can fix the potential problems doing regular checks, the possibility of something unfortunate happening is lowered Having the ability to contact an IT professional immediately allows for the IT professional to open the software developed and handle any issues that might have come up. The ability to critically think and problem solve doesn’t have to be as stressful as some believe it to be. As long as one is able to develop questions to ask and answer them to the best ability than the stresses that come with critical thinking and problem solving can be lessened. There is more than just work problems that be answered with these methods. By knowing the best way to begin, continue and end a critical thinking problem you can apply that knowledge to home issues and relationships. The potential to
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