Reflect Cultural Awareness in Work Practice

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Reflect cultural awareness in work practice
Demonstrate awareness of culture as a factor in all human behaviour by using culturally appropriate work practicesUse work practices that create a culturally and psychologically safe environment for all personsReview and modify work practices in consultation with people from diverse backgrounds People who identify with a particular culture have a lot of things in common, eg food, traditional costumes, music and so on. However, there are also lots of ways in which people within one culture differ.
Their differences may occur due to when they (or their ancestors) arrived in Australia, how long they have been living in Australia, their socio-economic background, their level of education,
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Some of the difficulties associated with the migration experience are listed below:
· communication and language difficulties
· difficulties adjusting to different foods
· difficulties adjusting to the new culture and society: socialising, work practices, housing arrangements
· feelings of isolation and loss of family and friends who did not migrate
· fear of the unknown
· nostalgia for home and feelings of homesickness
· facing stereotyping and prejudice in the new country.

Forced migration: Effects on the individual (refugee)
While it is common to hear about ‘migrants and refugees’, it is important to recognise that the two terms refer to very different groups of people. While both groups have effectively moved from one country to another, the circumstances leading up to that move are markedly different for each group.
Under existing Australian and international law, a refugee is defined as a person who has been forced to leave their country of origin due to the experience, or valid fear of, persecution on the grounds. These grounds may be:
· race
· religion
· nationality
· political opinion
· membership of a particular social group.
The person must also feel unable to return to their country of origin due to the experienced or anticipated persecution.
What do you think are the major differences between migrants and refugees in terms of their
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