Reflecting Back On This Pass Semester

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Reflecting back on this pass semester, I can see how I have come a long way. In the beginning of this semester I was not confident about my writing skills. I always I struggled to find the correct grammar and punctuation that would express my ideas so that they can flow on paper. Upon arriving to this class which is instructed by Dr. Shirokova, I am now recognizing that my writing skills could enhance to a new level. Even though my grades on my essays are not the best in the class, I can see an improvement of growth at a rapid pace. I truly feel the devolvement of writing skills within myself, even in the fifteen minute writing journals opens creative in my mind. Allowing me to focus on different topics has pushed me to write in detail…show more content…
We went from being strangers to green brothers. A group of zombies like creatures to now earn the title and proudly call ourselves Marines!” In this sample from my literary essay “Hero” my purpose was to present a scenery of how exhausting the training had become. These are now traits that I have instilled in my life and live by to make me a better person and man that I am today. As I proof read the essay it made sit down for the first time a talk about myself. This essay opened my eyes to the different phrases in my life that has developed a level of maturity that was not visible until I saw it paper. Telling my story in my own words and describe all the trails and errors as Marine was something I hold more dearly to myself. Now I clearly can describe in details I felt as a service man of Armed Force for my country. My next essay was an analysis essay that challenged the fact that I had to read the text while trying to find the writers tone and thought pattern. By researching the authors thoughts and writing skills has made me found a common writing background with this writer. This writer had a different writing skill where he expressed himself in words and feeling. In a very sarcastic but defensive way he openly addressed the recent murders. Mr. Pitts to address the real issue behind his anger in his article which could have been fueled by the fact that the office employees were also fellow writers, journalists and authors that
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