Reflecting Body Images from American Culture

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Sara Brown 12-7-05 Eng 101 MW Isbell J Reflecting Body Images from American Culture Currently in America Culture there is a prevailing desire to become thin. "Between five per cent and ten per cent of girls and women (i.e. five-ten million people) and one million boys and men suffer from eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or other associated dietary conditions." ( So many people are influenced by the media that it transforms their own self image into unrealistic ideas leading many adolescent females and some males to eating disorders. Our society is driven for individual control thus forming the judgment that fatness is a loss of self-control…show more content…
(Stearns Pg. 72) Dieting soon became natural for women and the sexuality was less modest. Obese women were becoming ridiculed for being overweight, literature aimed at the very groups being insulted, women were the clear targets. "Are you aware that fatness has destroyed your sex appeal and made you look older, somewhat like a buffoon whom people are inclined not to take seriously in any area or on any level."(Stearn Pg. 83, 16) Entries such as this were written in books such as Murray Siegel (1971), Think Thin or Glamour, Glucose and Glands by Frank J. Wilson (1956). This time period was also when women were stepping into the workforce with great strides and if the woman was over weight, she was looked upon as "unreliable" and "lazy". (Stearns) Women became an object of mockery, an example of no self-discipline and social failures if they were not thin. From the mid nineteen hundreds to present times the media has greatly influenced society's acceptance on body image. Even today, women are still mocked for being obese. Heavier women are a continued target in today's society by magazines containing headlines such as "How to lose weight." and "How to be skinner". The number of dieting and exercise articles in popular women's magazine increase every year. (Wykes & Gunter pg.67) These magazine articles may be helpful to some people but to an adolescent it leaves them
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