Reflecting On A Time Is My Life When I Experience Chaos, Huh Essay

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Reflect on a time in my life when I experience chaos, huh? Hoo boy. A little over a year ago, I had just ordered dinner through GrubHub. I was kvetching to a friend about how underappreciated I felt in life and was generally feeling sorry for myself. Then…my phone rang. It was my mom. It was a phone call I’ll never forget. As soon as I answered I knew something was wrong. “Amanda? It’s me. You need to come to the hospital. Something has happened. It’s your dad. I think it’s pretty serious.” I don’t remember putting shoes on, but I must have. I stumbled around my apartment on the phone. I jumped in the car and cursed myself for not getting gas earlier. I whipped in the first gas station on the way. I vaguely remember it being cold and wishing I’d had my coat. I put in enough gas to get me where I was going. I called one coworker to tell her to tell my boss I wouldn’t be in. And then I called my best friend. I don’t remember the conversation, only that we decided if it was a heart attack he’d probably be okay. People come back from those all the time, after all. I got to the ER. I didn’t bother looking for a good parking space, I just found one and parked. I sprinted to the front door and walked in. I made it to the front counter. I barely got out, “My dad…” and the nurse nodded. She took me into the special family waiting room. I knew then that things were not okay. (You see, my mom has been in and out of hospitals with asthma related issues so I

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