Reflecting On Psychology As A Science

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Reflecting on Psychology as a Science Before I had ever begun to ponder cognitive abilities, or understand the connections between Dopamine and schizophrenia, my concepts of psychology were shaped by the perverse world of popular culture. Prime time psychologists tend to come in two forms. Viewers are either enticed by an intense and traumatized psychologist who sneaks into the minds of criminals or annoyed be the one episode guest star analyst whose only goal seems to be to pinpoint the flaws in all our favorite characters. The one overlapping idea about psychologists in media is that they have this almost magical ability to delve into and manipulate the minds of others. When I first walked into PYSCH 049, an optimist future middle school teacher, a part of me hoped I would gain such a magical ability to understand my potential students without even trying. Realistically, I knew the media gave me a false representation of psychology, but I stilled liked to believe it might be that easy. However, as I began to interact with the class material I realized there is not an innate magical ability, only great knowledge gained through constant research and relearning. What I found interesting through my research, and while interviewing others, was that most people were intrigued in the “why”, but few seemed to believe psychology relied on the “how”. In other words, everyday people felt the study of psychology was asking questions such as, “Why do
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