Reflecting On The Residential School System

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3. In reflecting on the Residential School System in Canada, discuss why Elders teachings and courses in Indigenous studies are important today. Between 1875 and 1996, First Nations children were forced to attended residential schools to be systematically assimilated into an English-Christian society through abuse, segregation, and racism. Residential schools were created by the Canadian government to transition First Nations children into a newly colonized Canada, but somewhere something went wrong and the policy of teaching was corrupted into assimilation through abuse. The priority of residential schools was to kill the Indian in the child. As a result many languages and cultures were lost as children were not taught the traditions of their heritages and could not pass on this knowledge to their children. Residential schools directly contributed to the loss of the First Nations traditional cultures and created a cycle of abuse for generations to come.
Dickason, Olive Patricia and Long, David. (2011). Visions of the Heart. Oxford University Press. First Nations Elders maintain traditional lifestyles and beliefs. They continue to spread the oral traditions that once were very well known. After residential schools were created a lot of knowledge was lost from the First Peoples, and the Elders have become a primary source for this knowledge perseverance.
“Elders continue to accrue, especially both to their role and function and to the…
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