Reflecting On Writing 101 Lessons Learned

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Eighty two credits into my college education and I had never taken a writing course. The thought of it filled me with dread. One could ask why I waited so long to take Writing 101. It had been since the spring of 1995 since I last participated in an English course. In addition, I hadn’t taken an online course since 2005. It didn’t turn out to matter, our class began using the new Learning Experience Online (LEO), which replaced WebTycho. At least LEO leveled the playing field a bit since every student had to adjust to a new format. I only enrolled in Writing 101 because it was required. I began Writing 101 with basic writing skills, most of which had been obtained in 1980s and early 1990s. Application of these skills in my writing prior to this course were spotty at best and based on distant memory. I made positive strides in the application of the writing process and improved noticeably in essay construction compared to my writing before this course but made less progress than I would prefer in the proper usage of grammar, primarily due to time constraints and personal management of priorities. Can you imagine sitting down to a blank document and writing with no guide at all? That was my method prior to the completion of this course. I assumed I could write in a clear and concise manner. I understood my topic and my main ideas with clarity. The written result was not always so transparent to the reader though. I utilized some of the techniques used in
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