Reflecting on My University Life with the Movie, The Big Kahuna

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As I watched the movie The Big Kahuna, I found a lot of underlying issues and themes that allows me to reflection upon my life at King University. As a person begins a journey in their life, they typically have in mind some goals in mind, but these goals will likely change over time as we grow up in life. "The Big Kahuna" takes plays in a “hospitality suite” with three men waiting uneasily to land the big account for industrial lubricants. The movie is mostly dialogue between three people talking about their business strategy, their sales goals, the cutthroat world of industrial lubricants, and Big Kahuna can transform their lives. The movie is about three men Larry (Kevin Spacey) an affably cynical salesman, Phil (Danny DeVito) recently divorce veteran salesman, and Bob (Peter Facinelli) the green idealist kid salesmen. Larry is a born salesman that is blunt confrontation. His character is based on the game of selling the product, because his view is simply to hustle, and treat people as nametag only. Larry’s personality is edgy, sardonic, and very competitive. Phil is low key seasoned veteran of the company man and recently divorce from his wife. Phil is seen as more easygoing and the closer of deals. Bob is the green idealist kid and rookie of the three salesmen. Bob is the see as the “new kid of the block”, and he believes the best tactic to land the big account is to have a truly meaningful a conversation with the person. Each character in the film shows how God’s

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