Reflecting on The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a reflection on the field trip to the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago. After a brief Introduction to the Context, the Watercress tool will be used to highlight my observations. In our study of the Hinduism, the class visited The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago (HTGC). This active temple is a house of worship that serves thousands of devotees as they pay hamage to a diverse variuety of Idol and spiritual gods. Taughted as one of the oldest religions in the world, it accepts all religious belief systems and God. In fact, the Temple is designed to accommodate any and many gods to include the practices and rites of the devotees. Our volunteer tour guide explained the Hindu theology in lthis way.…show more content…
When using the Rituals portion of the WTR CRESS , The temple devotees pratices numerous rituals to honor their particular god. Some ran in circles, some left fruit and rice, some bowed, laid prostrate, or did push ups. Moreover, some had tattooes or some kind of inking on their face and forehead. Some where dressed in a kind of silk robe. When asked about the color and care of the idols, the guide told us the gods had to be cared for similar to the devotees. They had to be cleaned, dressed, provided food, and other such things. Additionally, he commented the gods resemble their devotees, which explained the various colors. The only exception would be the blue colored idols. When using the Communication portion of the WTR CRESS, the discursive communication was observed through the various rituals, rites, and practices performed by the devotees. In some cases devotees ran several times around the idol and in other cases they would burn incense and other items in hopes of sending up prayers via smoke to Parabrahma. Though I am not sure about the correlation between the burning material and the devotees prayer, one for one or more, it was evident that a certain amount of items were burned for each prayer. Non-Discursive could be felt in the reverence for each and every god. Particularly when someone would first enter the temple and rang the bell. The guide commented the sound of the bell was a type of

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