Reflecting practice is an important role within early years

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Task A
For reflective practice I would like you to explain your job role and responsibilities (you may have a copy of this with your contract), knowledge skills and understanding and then identify the standards that influence the way your role is carried out. i.e codes of practice, national occupational standards, policies and procedures.
Please then assess your knowledge, skills and understanding of the standards, considering areas for personal development.
Then I would like you to describe how you ensure personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct your quality of work.

Task B
Reflecting on practice is an important role within early years.
Explain why reflecting on practice and work activities are important in order to
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Children deserve the best possible for their well-being and development. When parents leave their children with us in the nursery I am entrusted with the care of these children and it’s important that I give the best alternative care possible and that standards are maintained to ensure the safe and well-being of the child.

Taking care of children may include personal hygiene, safety, and other medical or physical needs.
I always have to act in the best interest of the children and their needs. I have the duty of care towards myself, the children and my colleagues.
As a nursery assistant I should:
Keep my knowledge and skills up to date.
To keep any records I make as accurate as possible.
To know what must be done to make my job as safe as possible.
If I have any concerns about the children’s needs, I would need to make these concerns known.
To get additional support and advice from colleagues about how to resolve dilemmas.
To report any child’s concerns, taking into consideration his/her feelings and making sure that issues are deal effectively and promptly.

Task B

Despite an appreciation of a nursery assistant/ teacher assistant of the potential value of reflective practice, many new teachers assistants choose not to reflect on their practice constructively and critically, preferring to fall back on pre-conceived understandings of how they and the children should conduct themselves in the
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