Reflection : A Personal Analysis Of A Taylor Swift Music Video

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During this EN111 course, we have addressed and thoroughly covered many topics. These topics include rhetoric, the composing process, genre conventions, research, multimodality, oral expression, and reflection. Each of these core principles have contributed to my ability as a writer greatly. While learning about rhetorical situations, we analyzed a Taylor Swift music video. We determined the audience and their nature, the motivation behind the author, the purpose of the piece as well as additional context regarding the situation the piece pertains to. By analysing a music video that the majority of us knew the backstory to, we were able to fully engage and enjoy the analysis. Since we were so involved, we were able to fully understand rhetorical situations. With our new found knowledge, we were able to incorporate rhetorical situations into our own papers throughout the course. In our persuasive essays, we were able to use rhetoric situations by determining who our audience was, the context of our paper, and our purpose behind writing it. This allowed me to write stronger and more effective papers during the semester. Since we wrote multiple papers throughout the semester, we practiced our writing process quite frequently. For the first paper, we wrote a zero draft, a revised draft, and a final draft. This was a new concept to me. Often, I wrote one draft. I would have a peer read through it or put the paper through PaperRater to find any basic errors. That would be the
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