Reflection About Bilingualism

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I first started developing my love for music as a small child. My father, who taught me to appreciate music, exposed me to the world of it. Of course as I grew, so did my love for music. When I sing, I can connect in a way, it seems, that no other can. Even as I read song after song, I never feel my love for music decrease. Each new piece I’m able to hear and sing becomes a part of me, and my heart. It’s important that we view bilingualism with this perspective, so we may learn to understand the importance of every language and culture. Our society is richer, and more complex when we include the cultures of others. Humans are more diverse with different languages. To truly understand the importance of every language, we must include everyone. Martin Espada and Richard Rodriguez, both writers who addressed bilingualism in the United States, have conflicting views on language and its effects on individuals and society. Espada who believes bilingualism enhances an individual's life and experiences. Contrarily Rodriguez concludes language is restricting, and as one learns one language, they lose another. As though one can only know and understand one language. To explore language and the opinions on it, we first need to understand the meaning of being bilingualism. To me, blilgualism is having the ablity to understand, be a part of and love another language and culture. Espada feels bilingualism is more than speaking one language. To Espada, “the choice of
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