Reflection About Bullying

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The thoughts and mentality of one are usually shown through their actions, sometimes, negative. Bullies often target victims whose situations they envy, or who they find weaker than themselves. I happened to be a weak middle schooler, an easy prey, who quickly became a victim of bullying in 7th grade by two best friends, Josh and Lynn. It was english class and it had began mid fall semester when we had started a new book, The Outsiders. I was picked on for every little thing by both of them and it would hurt more each day. I was an easy target mainly for my appearance. It had started when a friend of mine had sent a message to josh from her phone saying it was me, little knowing it would turn out to be this big. For them it was just bullying, for me it was more. It was an emotional scar that still bleeds when I would see them throughout campus. Bullying affected me in ways that much like many other teenage kids, I would still learn to cope with years later. It was a fall morning in English. We had just been assigned new seats in class. My seat happened to be two seats away from theirs, and it had began. It started with the little things, repeating what i would say, asking for page numbers from across the room again and again, bumping into me on the way in and out. They would make remarks about things I wore, sarcastic remarks. Both of course were part of the popular kids so naturally everyone was beneath them. Class was about 20 minutes in and Josh had started asking me
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