Reflection About Culture

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What Is Culture? My cultural field trip partner was Kenyatta Danielle Williams. She goes by Danielle and is indeed a very different girl than me. If it was not for this assignment I would have most likely never come across Danielle or gotten to know her. She is a very sassy girl full of personality and humor. We are both in the Mass Communications and Journalism department, her as a broadcast journalism major and me as a photojournalism major, but that is about as far as our similarities go. Initially coming across Danielle, I thought about the exercise we did in class by making observations about a person by their body language and what they looked like. I remembered how inaccurately my partner during that exercise profiled me and wondered if Danielle would see me in the same way my other partner did. I thought about that exercise a lot as I planned out my cultural field trip. Danielle told me she was going to take me to the African American Military History Museum in Hattiesburg about a week in advance before we met up. My initial thought was that I was looking forward to going to the museum and that I still had absolutely no idea where I was going to take her on my part of the field trip. There were no museums in the area, or at all to my knowledge, that represent my culture in the same way that Danielle’s museum did. What is my culture after all? I am a little, white, blonde, millennial girl from the west coast that ended up in the country of the dirty South. I
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