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Typically field experience would involve time at a local public school. Ideally, it would give one the opportunity to observe an experienced teacher working in an environment that a prospective educator would hope to be in at some point in their own career. However, if you are attempting to do field time during summer break, the options are a little different. I used my chance at field experience to observe rising eighth and ninth graders in the Summer Scholars Institute program. The students attended the program on the University of North Georgia’s Gainesville campus. I am pursuing a degree in Secondary Mathematics with the hope to teach Calculus and Statistics at the high school level, however my teaching certification will be for grades 6-12 in Mathematics. Up to this point, I have not really considered teaching at the middle school level, but being able to observe this age group provided me with a chance to see their interactions and learning style. Knowing that my plan to teach in a local high school depends on whether or not a position is available when I graduate, becoming familiar and accustomed to middle-schoolers is not necessarily a bad thing. Attending Summer Scholars while taking Educational Psychology allowed me to observe and notice things that I may not have seen under other circumstances.
Summer Scholars Institute
Summer Scholars Institute is a program available to kids from Hall, Jackson, and Gwinnett Counties. The program is available to

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