Reflection About Food

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Governments, scientists, corporations, and globalization have all influenced the way people think about food, how and what they eat, and what they consider healthy. Those influencers have also had an effect on the price, content, and choice of what you see on the shelves at supermarkets and grocery stores. Throughout this semester, we have had many discussions, readings, viewings, and assignments to talk about what we have learned. Thanks to authors such as Daniel Imhoff, Mike Davis, Raj Patel, Michael Pollan, Ian Leslie, Zoe Robaey, Tracie Mcmillan, Eric Holt Gimenez, and Mark Bittman, I have learned more about food, nutrition, food insecurity, famine, starvation, obesity, farming, food systems, things that should be avoided and solutions to fix the problem of hunger people face today. David Imhoff in “Food Fight” talks about how the United States Department of Agriculture aims to have an abundant food supply and ensure the population obtains basic nutrition, and while doing this they have a primary mechanism, which is the Farm Bill that is revised every five years. The Farm Bill impacts farming livelihoods, how crops are grown, and what kind of food is grown, which results in the food you see on the shelves in supermarkets. Some believe that subsidizing industrial food systems cause low prices on foods, but there are still a large amount of people who are food insecure and rely on the government for assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,
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