Reflection About Gender

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Judith Lorber rationalizes that one’s gender is recognized from birth and it is done by everyone, either from experiences and or from the society we live in (Lorber, 2009, pg. 113). Everything we learn or see is through involvement or how society views it as. Growing up, I also see my mom, aunts and grandma put on makeup and partake in morning and night makeup routines. They are always putting on makeup before going to work or even taking me to school. I would pay close attention to them and always questioned who my dad never did this. I remember when I was around 7 years told and grabbing my mom’s makeup mad and putting on some pink blush and pink eye shadow. I applied it super fast so my mom would not see that I was in the middle of doing it and take it away, rather once she saw me, it was too late. One day, my younger brother decided to follow me and out on the pink eye shadow as well, my dad was furious when he saw him. He told my brother that it was a girl thing and boys do not wear makeup. He was extremely stern and uncompromising of my brother and makeup. Going over to my friend’s house was something I looked forwarded too because her mom was much more open and would allow us to experiments on each others face. However, as I started to watch my movies and videos on YouTube, I would see the amount of guys doing makeup tutorials and even wearing makeup themselves. We are slowly being influenced by one another. Especially when I watch male Korean pop stars, they are
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