Reflection About God

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With what are we being filled with? We Christians today have heard this question time and time again. We say that God is what fills us; yet we are still left craving and wanting more. So if God is enough and we believe that to be true then are we really allowing God to be our ultimate source and spring of life if we are still left feeling empty?
This message was brought to my attention a couple weeks ago when talking to someone that is in a bible study with me. I was complaining about something happening in the bible study when he reminded me that the encouragement of other humans will not give me the fulfillment that I need and desire as a human. I told him that I knew that and of course my fulfillment comes from God. However, that phrase he uttered is the one of the only things that really stuck out to me from our conversation. It was confusing that was the most memorable thing from the discussion because what he said was not earth-shattering news to me. It was something I have always known. And I believe that I really did know that. However, I tend to believe it in my heart more readily than in my heart.
The difference from knowing that God is the source of my well-being in only my head instead of my hearts in my life is….
1. When I have a problem, I turn to people first and then I turn to God and His Word. I know that I need to read His word and pray for guidance, but it is my second step.
2. Although I know what God says about me is true, I rank other opinions higher
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