Reflection About Happiness

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My view of what is involved in being happy has changed since I started this course. I used to interpret happiness as what can now be defined as just externals. Externals are things that we value in life, but don’t control. Externals such as pleasure, wealth, honor, fame and societal status can aid in creating a good life however happiness itself cannot be achieved solely through this. I used to also believe that personal happiness meant that others would supply my happiness. According to Richard Taylor in his book“Virtue Ethics”, I was wrong in that belief I learned my happiness is up to me.

I once thought that pleasure was a major part of happiness. Pleasure to me meant feeling satisfied. I failed to realize that those feelings didn’t
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My views before this class were that possessions are important. A lot of the things that I love are my possessions, but when I think if they truly made me happy I would now say not necessarily. My possessions do not make me proud, I am prouder of the work done to acquire these possessions.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I based some of what I thought would made me happy by pursuing honor and fame. My aspiration to work in the entertainment industry where many value honor and fame creates a sense of status and acclaim, even if it is negative. Taylor believes that those who expect to be honored will never see happiness because they are so self-consumed with power. He argues that glorifying fame is negative because it detracts from growth. Self-awareness is key in achieving happiness. Being aware of how you act determines how happy you are because you are responsible for your own actions, not anyone else’s. I believe that being prideful and humble in what my future holds will lead to fulfillment. Success to me now means that I don’t need praise to see that I have self-worth.

Someone who performs noble acts could lead a good and fulfilled life. Taylor mentions that honor is important but you have to work for it and not expect it. Even if a hard worker is not being honored, it shows an excellence in their character. Acting nobly can sustain personal happiness because you are contributing to society
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