Reflection About Happiness

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When people ask me what is happiness to me, I respond with, “Happiness is when you are joyful and accepting of your circumstances as well as when someone is glad that they are the way that they are.” People then ask me, “What is happiness for you?” “Happiness for me is when my family is doing well and that they don't have to bend over backwards to make sure that they get their bills paid on time. And when they don't it lets me feel as though things are going well and it lets me relax a little more and not worry about them.” They then follow up with, “What makes you happy.” “To me happiness is being with friends and having a fun time, Cooking uninterrupted by anyone, making a great dish for dinner. When I'm happy, I feel like everything is satisfactory, I forget about the worries and stresses of life. No more worrying about making sure that my Nana can pay the bills and we don't get evicted or get the electricity turned off. When I'm happy I feel accepted and wanted. I don't feel sorrowful, unwanted or a waste of time, I don't feel like I'm just in the way or an inconvenience to the rest of my family.”

When I think about the lowest point of my life I think of 8th grade when I tried to commit suicide, For four years I was bullied for being, ‘fat’, ‘ugly’, ‘disgusting’, ‘stupid’. I felt like I was nothing but a worthless kid making my family's life horrible. I wanted to just slip away in the middle of the night and just let them never have to worry about me again. My dad
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