Reflection About Hunting

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Hunting has dated back to ancient times when there were massive sheets of ice covering the planet, and yet, all of the evolving the human race has done, it is still a crucial part of some people's everyday life. It has been a family tradition for dads to take their sons into the woods, and teach them the ways of stalking your prey, and finally killing it. On my eighth birthday, I woke up to my dad dressed in a camouflage top holding onto a bow and arrow and a massive white target standing at his feet. His first words were “we are going to have fun today”. I instantly thought that that day I was going to be killing my first animal, but to my dismay, it turned out that blood was not shed for three years.
I loved that bow and arrow, and I can remember everyday after school I would go to the garage and shoot that bow to the point where I couldn't manage to draw it back. After about month, I had lost hope in killing anything with that bow because I was not able to shoot it straight. There was a time that I was shooting in the garage at a target, and the arrow slipped out of my hand, and it had managed to hit a bottle of lighter fluid. Granted I there was not enough force behind the arrow to push it the entire way through the can, but it was enough to spill the lighter fluid all over my foam target. I was no longer to use my bow and arrow unsupervised.
Years later, my dad decided to take me to the gun range. He had brought the gun that his father had taught him how to shoot
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