Reflection About Literacy

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The bridge to literacy is paved with the bricks of admonished concepts, and council. Literacy is simply a human invention to communicate with other humans and as such, requires a sherpa (or multiple) to guide the growing writer to a refined level of effective reading and writing. This “sponsor of literacy” can be found among all readers and writers. They are the individuals who had nurtured growth in education and formed the bricks of your first step towards literacy. Through identifying and studying this process, an individual can proudly take the next step upward towards effective and refined writing. Through pain and agony, I was a very resistant child and most of my reading experiences were forced upon me. I remember having to do a…show more content…
The magazine cover displayed an Egyptian pyramid which instantly captured my imagination and created an insatiable appetite towards ancient structures. I had been so unfamiliar with associating enjoyment and literature that reading the photograph captions felt taboo, as if looking at pornography. I had begun asking my parents for books pertaining to Ancient Egypt for every holiday. I had discovered a bridge between my self interests and my literacy growth. I was so enthralled by such foreign concepts, delivered through academic text, that I had unknowingly begun to take the next step towards self-growth. 
 I learned that reading did not always have to be a daunting task limited to predetermined texts listed on some scholastic reading list. I realized that I had a profound interest in a specific subject and that reading literature pertaining to that subject was really not that bad. My focus and stamina began to grow, as well as my information retention. It was clear that there was a direct correlation to my personal interest and my reading ability. However, reading literature which was not related to my interests was still very daunting to me. I have found that if I could find something in a text to connect with, that my focus becomes a little more productive. 
 My writing development had also progressed due to this self-growth, although at a slower pace than my reading level. As an adolescent, the majority of my personal writings were graded assignments which would
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