Reflection About Living With God

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The book is about living with God, instead of living over, under, for, or from him. It talks about how important it is to be aware of how we think about God and our relationship with him. I appreciate this book a lot because the day I accepted Christ was when I finally understood that everything he did wasn’t to get me a get-out-of-hell free card, it was to be able to spend the rest of this life drawing me closer to him and to spend eternity with him. In that regard, the first part of the book was about what I expected, but as I was surprised, encouraged, and challenged as I got further into the book.
The first point that stood out to me was the way we assign the way we value effectiveness to God; we assume that he gauges success the same way we do. I love the way the author presented the story of Moses striking the rock in the light of him doing only what he knew had worked in the past. He followed a formula; and yes, he was effective, but he was not faithful or obedient. It is possible to “succeed” without being in relationship with God. Along the same lines, one of the most helpful ways I’ve heard this concept presented is from Moses’ initial reaction with God; God finding Moses and arguing back and forth with him while Moses makes excuse after excuse about everything he can’t do. God is not a God of efficiency. What would have been efficient is snapping his fingers and freeing all the Israelite slaves from their captors in Egypt. But he chose to work through Moses;
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