Reflection About Math

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What do I want to become when I grow up? When I was a kid, I could easily spit out many ideas: a brave cop, a rich business owner or a mad scientist. I realized the difficulties to reach these goals roughly a year after I reached my double digits. It was easier said than done. In my more rational mind , I thought I should become a mathematician who studies abstract concepts to solve mathematical problems. Math was something that I was good at. However, the answer to my question was not as simple as I thought. I came to a realization and found my true answer in my late high school year when I saw a new perspective through my pursuit in mathematics. My first contact with mathematics was at the age of five. I remembered watching television…show more content…
I wanted to become as intelligent as they were. After watching “Cyberchase,” everything around me seemed to have a mathematical component. When I was in first grade, I noticed the presence of mathematical laws in real life. I realized that neither a quarter nor a penny can buy me the dollar ice cream from the lady who pushes the ice cream truck around the cafeteria. I handed her my quarter which she did not accept. Then I gave her the penny instead. When both attempts failed, I decided to give her both coins which she ultimately declined. Although I was quite upset at the end, I did learn that mathematics could assign a thing its value. In the later years of elementary school to middle school, I was exposed to the subject of mathematics. I excelled in it. I solved every problem with ease; it was merely like breathing. I did have talent in this area. When I took my first specialized high school practice test, I did not do well on the English section but I scored an eighty-eight on my math section without any previous training. I thought that studying mathematics was my calling. I expanded this area of interest by learning actively. My skills were so well developed that I doubted there was anyone in my middle school who could defeat me. When I entered high school, I was craving challenges. I joined the math team which allowed me to participate in math contests and solve difficult math problems. With the new skills that I acquired from
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