Reflection About Missions

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I loved learning about all the different words and phrases used in the missionary world through the readings. I have become so interested in learning about the different people groups and how to help reach the 2.1 billion people. Knowing the words that are being used has already helped me in having better understanding of what I am researching and it hasn’t even been a day. A quote I really liked was from the article Finishing the Task, “All that can and should be done cannot be brought together into a single human plan; yet it calls upon our best planning efforts, creative approaches and all the sacrifice we can muster” (Perspectives 542). Missions is not easy. It definitely isn’t a vacation. It is hard work. Missions requires you to give your all physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We cannot accomplish God’s plan of reaching all ethne without God. His plans are better than our plans. This leads into Patrick Johnstone’s article, Covering the Globe. He speaks about the three challenges we face. First, geographic challenge. He was very encouraging in this reminding his readers of God’s promise that all nations will know Him. Even though we look at the big task and it seems daunting and some places seem to distant, God says, “Even they will hear about Me.” One thing that has been weighing heavy on my heart throughout this class is how we can just sit here and stay and live so comfortably. We can ignore the facts of how many unreached people there are. We can go
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