Reflection About My Life

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Over the course of my lifetime, I've learned that life isn't fair. If you want something, you just don't get it for free; you have to work hard for it. Day and night you slave towards your goal and the results you gain from the experience might be worth it, or it might change your life forever. I'm not talking about positively, rather, the change will be so drastic that it might affect how you live your life.

Lesson 1
When I was 10, my uncle said: “you could do anything you want in your life, you just have to be willing to work hard enough to get it.” Of course, when I was 10, I wasn’t thinking about my career, rather, I was more interested in other things like toys, friends, and the food I was going to eat the next morning. So, I didn’t think too much of it. Life was great. The start of middle school marked a time in my life of when I had to be more responsible, and my parents had higher expectations of me. My seventh-grade teachers gave out more homework than I used to in elementary school. My first scent of reality came as a form of anxiety; an unwanted smell that wouldn’t go away. Middle school was that year where I became more self-aware of myself and my surroundings. Being more self-aware allowed me to reflect on deeper thoughts about school, family, and life goals. I recall sitting on the bleachers completely exhausted from the agonizing mile run that our teachers made us do and I sat under a small area of shade cast by the announcer room, my friend asked me what I
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