Reflection About My Personal Identity

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When I take a look back on my lifetime, I see that I’ve changed a great deal in regards to my personal identity. An attempt to put entirely into words on a paper would take days to explain how and why my life turned out the way it did, so I’d like to shorten these feelings up. In my youth, I had clearly planned to take the superhero path through life. Professional athlete, firefighter, police officer, or essentially any person that was portrayed in society as a model citizen, a class act if you will, all racing through my mind when thinking about my future. I was mistaking, and for a valid reason, as I had these feelings until I was about ten years of age. When my age contained two digits, a certain maturity occurred. I wouldn’t classify…show more content…
Going into my Freshman year of High School, my father sat me down and asked if I could be honest in what I wanted to do with myself in the future, and I told him that the drawings were the one thing I had a passion for. I was unsure of any careers stemming from Drawing, but thankfully he had been ready for this. In fact, he took drafting classes in High School, and he advised that I do the same if drawing was what I aspired to do, or if I had any hope of looking to do that in my future. I signed up for the drafting course, as my father recommended, and it didn’t take long for the teacher to realize that I’ve been drawing in my own time. That teacher, Mr. Kocur, I’ll never forget in my heart. Reason being that he showed a future for my abilities, and he handed me assignments that, in general, weren’t catered to a student in Drafting I. However, I believe that he thought I had enough tools to draw for a career, and possibly design or engineer something that could truly matter in the future.
Upsetting as it was when Mr. Kocur announced that he’d be retiring following my only year with him, I continued to pursue a future with Drafting and Architecture, taking as many courses as I could while also trying to spend my free time learning as much as I could about the ins and outs of the trade. Making
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