Reflection About Myself

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During this Semester I have written six essays, and all of them were a little different. All of them had a different purpose in writing and required a different skill too. There are things that I did both good and bad in writing all of these essays. The first essay that I had to write for this class was a Self-Assessment essay, about my writing career and how the four basics have been involved in my life. This was a more personal essay about myself, while I have also had to write some essays about a feeling that I had, and also one about a specific topic. There were several different essays, and ways that I had to write them. The first essay I wrote, the Self-Assessment, was about the four basics and how they have been in my life and…show more content…
I chose dedication because I knew that it was something that I could write a lot on. This was my favorite essay to write in the class, mostly because the topic was something that I could write a lot on. The best part about this essay is the way that it was written, it was very easy to read. Also the way the opposing views and examples worked well in showing how what I said was good. The ending could have been a lot better, there was not much of a conclusion to it, and it was weak compared to how the rest of the essay was. Also, I tended to have some very long paragraphs, and then some smaller ones too. I need to work better on making sure that all of the paragraphs are closer in length and how to try and limit writing on one specific topic (paragraph) and learn how to move onto the next. After that, there was the Research Essay, and I chose to write on concussion in football. I chose to write on this topic, because I have always been interested in this. I explained what a concussion was, and how people get them and what to do when you have one. I also talked about the new changes or ways that the sport is making to help prevent concussions. I liked how the essay flowed and it was set up. There were things that I could have done better in the paper, and one
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