Reflection About Mysteries

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In the history of life, there are many mysteries that could not be solved at that time. When facing those unusual things, We show our interest, confusion, and frighten. Nowadays, there’s still many mysteries need to be explored. Even we have advanced technologies, we cannot solve the puzzle of religion or the in-depth meaning of certain things. That’s why we may have different justices towards these unusual cases, not talking about in different perspectives of certain person, but viewing them as bad symbols. We never think of the right and wrong, because we believe what most people commit is the truth or the right thing. By reading the short novel The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Passing of a God, they both caught my interest because they precisely reveal people’s different attitudes towards the unusual things in life. In person, I couldn’t agree on fiction reveal the truth. I believe people should be fair to justice the unusual, and based on my research on two children, I find out that people really do so in reality.
In Benjamin Button, the protagonist, Benjamin Button, has a seventy-year-old out looking when he was born. In addition, his thought was more mature than the same age children. For example, while other children were playing little toys, he was rapt in reading and smoking like an old grandpa. Under this abnormal circumstances, different people view it in different ways. As family members, when Mr. Button saw his son for the first time, he could not believe
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