Reflection About Reading And Writing

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It was my second grade year, I was only 7 years old, when I first found my hatred of anything that had to do with reading or writing. Every week my teacher would give us a lengthy list of vocabulary words that we had to memorize before our spelling test the following week. I would study for periods at a time trying to memorize this gruesome lists of words, that I could never commemorate. When it came down to the day of the test I would see all my classmates at ease, while I would panic trying to remember what I studied. When it finally became time to take the test, I heard the teacher call the word “island”, but I couldn’t concentrate. I was frustrated, I couldn’t think, the teacher would ask “is everyone ready to move on”, but I wouldn’t say anything, because I was too shy. After a couple of days I would get my score back, and wasn’t surprised when I found out that I had failed the test. Weekley this was recurring theme when I got my spelling test returned. Eventually, I accepted the fact that reading and writing was not for me.

Although my second grade experience was terrible, my third grade year gave me an experience that I never had with literacy. My teacher Mrs. Quinn, would give us a list of vocabulary words, but instead of us memorizing them, we would have to create a story using these words. This opened my eyes to a component of literacy that I never explored. I had total creative freedom, something that I wasn’t familiar with. The first set of words, was over
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