Reflection About Religion

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Religion is a subject that is viewed differently by everyone. No matter what religious background you come from your views about religion will be based on your own personal experience. Religion plays a major part on how we live our lives and its how we will use it to raise our kids. Davis, Hook, McAnnally-Linz, and Placeres writes “Furthermore, given that many individuals view religion as a core aspect of their identity, religion may be an important cultural avenue for promoting virtue” (Davis, Hook, McAnnally-Linz, and Placeres 242). Religion has always impacting our lives in so many ways. This can be based on how we treat people, how we see people or even how we interact with people on a daily basis. Getting to know someone and how they were raised is the first step in understanding their religious beliefs and experiences.

Religious Views as a Child
Being raised in the church has given me the ability to see religion in a different way. The one thing that I respect the most about religion it is the backbone of what holds people together in the tough times. It has the ability to give hope when someone sees no hope or any way out of a difficult situation. Having a complicated relationship with religion has allowed me to see and view it in a different aspect. Growing up most of us are taught that our religion is the only one true religion. This belief is popular among almost all major religions. Fraser writes “Is there one true faith? If not, then based on the
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