Reflection About Soulmate

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Your significant other, what majority of our ancestors were looking for. Some may have found everlasting love, until one of them died. And some may never have had the privilege of finding them, wandering through broken hearts and hardships. Which is why our government decided to come up with the amazing system of soulmates. When a person is born, they don't see color, everything is monochrome, white, black, and gray. No colors, no lividity. Until the person meets their significant other. When the person finally meets them, the world turns into an explosion of color, electrifying blue here and dashes of popping green there; according to some. Majority of people find their soulmate (there significant other is called a soulmate) when they reach the age of 14 or 15. You also have a sort of physical connection to your soulmate, if your soulmate is hurt, injured or killed the other soulmate will feel everything they feel. If you don't find a soulmate by the age of 20 you are classified unmatchable and are just left single in society to never find a pair. The year is 2045 and our setting takes place in California. Here we have two teens, one 17 and one 18. Alexander Broom, all his friends call him alex. He is 18, he isn't really popular but he isn't a nobody either. He is pretty naive and confident. He is a dirty blonde, with greenish hazel eyes, he has a normal build. He’s usually seen wearing a jacket, a shirt and some blue jeans with sneakers. He likes bands/artists such as Ed

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