Reflection About Vanity

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I lean my head towards the window, my eyes desperately following the painted signs and the road. My mother, who has an ability to drive for long periods of time, and I are on my way to my aunt’s house. As we drove my mind would envision the hours of hopscotch and jump rope with an old friend. An hour or two later my mom and I would make it to her apartment complex in St. Cloud, Minnesota. As my aunt and my mother conversate about our family and upcoming events, I would make my way to the parking lot to find a young girl, who had short brown hair and LOTS of toys. I would always come over to my aunt’s apartment and find this young girl outside. As we would play one of us would accidentally mention that our mothers had told us we were the “prettiest” girls in the world. We started to argue on which one of us was “prettier” than the other. How can little girls who were best friends, all of a sudden be arguing about vanity? Little did I know, that the buoyant world I had lived in for all these years would take a turn for the worst and expose me to the prejudice that can inhabit peoples’ hearts.

As I made my way down the hall, my mother gripping my hand tightly, I excitedly make my way to Mrs. Schmidt's kindergarten classroom. Kindergarten was the only time in my life when I was friends with everyone. When people are that young they don't even notice if someone is odd or different, if they are a living being they don’t mind playing a game of duck duck goose with them. As I
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