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Sarah Stuthers
After reviewing my reflection, I felt proud of myself because the material way my own. When I saw the first link, I was disappointed at first that someone had made the same analysis about the theory being black and white; however, when I clicked on the link, I discovered that the site SafeAssign found the same information on was a completely different topic – as well as a site I had never seen before. As for the rest of the links, I was wondering what I did wrong. I kept looking at the Works Cited links thinking I wrote them incorrectly. Then I realized that I must have used the same sources as other people. This also made me feel proud because it seems as though I cited my sources
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As children, students tend to follow the trends of peers; however, adults begin developing values, beliefs, and opinions that work for them and their own benefit. Adults become independent thinkers based on their own experiences which may differ from those of their peers.According to both Cercone and Sharan B. Merriam, author of Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-First Century, adult learning is always changing and no theory is a hundred percent accurate in perceiving the way adults learn because every individual is different. Learners, environments, and cultures are always changing. Learners must adapt to the changes in their environments and cultures, which make their experiences different than learners from years before. Social norms change and with that, people and the way they think and learn change. Therefore, people are always learning and growing and there will never be a completely accurate adult learning theory.Works CitedCercone, K. (2008). [ 2; 100% ] Characteristics of Adult Learners with Implications for Online Learning Design. [ 3; 77% ] AACE Journal, 137-159.Merriam, S. B. (2008). [ 4; 100% ] Adult Learning Theory for the
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