Reflection And Reflection

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1. Introduction
Reflection is some kind of thinking and of learning. By reflecting we learn from an experience which takes place in our everyday life. Sometimes reflection will show your mistakes, fears, your weak and strong points and also your prosperity. Proper definition of Reflection is that it is an active process of observing one’s own experience so to look closer at it. Before one learns from an experience, the individual will first make sense out of an experience so to have a meaning of the experience. There are two types of Reflection which are the Reflection learning and reflection practice. Reflection learning engages in reflection for the simple and clear goal of making learning out of the process of learning. The reflective practice
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How I overcame the fears and coming into terms with the whole situation has made me being able to wear the different caps of creativity. I had to find a way of being confident on what I do and say and find a way to overcome my fears as well.

4. The emotions affecting my intelligence on Essay Assignment 2
The emotions are the basics of what happens in all what we do even at work, businesses and at school. In companies most of the problems are being solved through the emotions that expand creativity and in this emotion you will find freedom in it for the creativity. This emotion we are talking about is the love emotion. Humberto Matur and Pille Bunnell (1999), states that love expands intelligence and enables creativity. They further state that Autonomy is returned by love and as autonomy is returned by love it also returns responsibility and the experience of freedom.

Humans are loving human beings and have expanded in living in love. Love is the domain of all those relational behaviors through which another arises as a legitimate other in coexistence with oneself. Love is simply a biological phenomenon or a biological dynamics that establishes trusts, positivity, compassion, the collaboration, the respect and clearing of the mind of which intelligence requires a clear

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