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Reflection and Application When I started learning the first week of the module, I felt very perplexed when a question was asked about the difference between the leader and the manager (Kotter, 1990). In my initial knowledge, the leader is the manager, both of whom manage the staff. Until I saw a point of view from Kotterman, the fact that my understanding is too shallow. After thinking, I clearly discerned their differences, the leaders focus on inspiring and influencing followers, and on the other hand, managers have the authority to be biased towards monitoring and controlling others (Kotterman, 2006). At the same time, I thought of a part of the restaurant before doing the experience. The manager focused on supervising the staff,…show more content…
After this incident, I am very self-blame and regret, because at that time I did not take into account the feelings of friends when he was tired and not timely understanding, no calm thinking to get a better solution. From this incident, I have a profound understanding of my emotional intelligence, and for their confidence in EQ suffered a blow, emotional intelligence is to understand and rational feelings, to help themselves and others control emotions, but I ignored the others Of the emotions (Northouse, 2013). But what makes me equally puzzled is that emotional-sensitive people are effective leaders (Goleman, 1998). My emotions are sensitive, and when I meet my friends, I feel like that, and even though my friend 's eyes can feel her emotions (Tee, 2015). This situation gives me hope that as a leader with emotional intelligence because I think this sensitivity is innate, so in the future, I need to try to keep calm in the event of trouble, thinking to others of the feelings, and then make a careful decision. Evans, Bass, and Winter, (1970) pointed out that in emergencies, leaders need to take into account the followers ' goals. This makes me think that the charm of the leader is on different platforms for the followers to consider, not just for themselves, while the followers bear the responsibility. (Spisak et al., 2012) For me, personally experienced group presentation, in the deadline, a team member did

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