Reflection And Views Of Anonymous Service Users And A Professional Nurse

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Reflection is described as a way of reviewing experiences from practice so that it can be described and analysed and used to change future practice (Bulman and Schutz, 2004). This essay will discuss the comments and views of anonymous service users and a professional nurse following their contact with a student nurse. It will also include a self-reflection by the student nurse. Through completion of a 360 degree tool the student nurses introduction, presentation, communication and empathy will be considered. Areas for further development may also be highlighted. The student will then reflect upon these outcomes to further develop their professional manor. The essay will comply with Harvard referencing guidelines and will include a…show more content…
(Figure 1) (Rolfe et al, 2011). The model of reflection chosen for this essay is Gibbs’ reflective cycle (1988). This model has been chosen as it has clear systematic headings; it allows the individual to reflect precisely and accurately, (Jasper, 2003). The Gibbs’ reflective cycle incorporates 6 stages of refection (figure 2), (Rolfe et al, 2011). The model will be applied to facilitate critical thinking and to underpin any improvements that could be made. By following Gibb’s cycle it allows the individual to review all aspects of the situation. It will ensure that if the same problem arises new ways to improve will be found to ensure the best care possible is given to the patient, (Jasper, 2003). This reflection is based upon the 360 degree tool feedback I have received from three anonymous service users, my practice mentor (a fully qualified Health visitor) and myself (a first year student nurse). All this information is then returned to the individual can be used to improve self-learning by reflecting on the responses given and focusing on any areas that can be developed or improved. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first placement and feel as though I have learnt a great deal in just 8 weeks. I am happy with the feedback I have received, it corresponds to my own self-reflection and I believe it will help me develop and improve many of my skills. When evaluating my feedback

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