Reflection Assignment 3 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection

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Reflection Assignment 3

Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection

For this reflective piece I am going to write about a situation I encountered whilst on my community placement with the district nurse. To write the essay I will be following "Johns model of structured reflection" as a basis to structure my reflection around.

Johns Model of Structured Reflection (Johns 1998)

1.Write a description of the experience. Ask yourself:

* 'What are the significant issues I need to pay attention to? '

Whilst on my community placement for one of my initial spokes, I arranged to spend the morning with the district nurse on her rounds, to gain an insight into her role within the community and find out first hand exactly what her job entails.
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3.Personal: ask your self:

- 'How did I feel in this situation? '

- 'What internal factors were influencing me? '

During the whole situation from the moment we pulled up out side the house I was very nervous and wanting to give a good impression only made this worse. Once we had entered the house and met Tom I calmed down a little. I was surprised at my own reaction of distaste when I entered the house and encounter a grumpy drunk so early in the morning; I had no prior knowledge of his situation (Claire later informed me that his wife had recently divorced him and he was having difficulties coping).

When Claire asked me to do the drops I declined, at the time I was annoyed with myself for missing the opportunity to practice my clinical skills.

4.Ethics: ask yourself:

- 'Did my actions match with my beliefs? '

- 'What factors made me act in incongruent ways? '

In refection my actions did not match the beliefs I held about myself before coming on community. From my time on my ward placements I thought I had built up a good professional attitude and could work my way around difficult situations. What I was not prepared for was how much; the lack of familiar surroundings would affect my actions and how nervous I felt about giving a good impression to Claire and the patients.

The main factors that made me act in such a way were, nervousness, lack of confidence and
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