Reflection: Childbirth and Vital Signs Essay

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This essay aims to reflect upon a particular episode of care during the postnatal period, using a reflective cycle as a guide. The author will firstly discuss reflection and its implications in midwifery practice. Teekman (2000) states reflecting on one’s professional practice as self-empowering as it provides us with a look into personal understanding and control. It is believed that if us as midwives are given the opportunity to reflect upon our professional practice, that this will aid us in enhancing our professional practice and enable us to become better practitioners (Schon, 1983). Reflection is an important process for midwives to be able to, not only deal with particular situations well, but to help us as professionals grow and…show more content…
The senior midwife communicated to the husband throughout. He remained present in the room caring for the baby. Two wide bore cannula, were inserted and a full set of bloods was taken including blood cultures. 15 litres O2 via a rebreather mask was applied. Intravenous fluids were commenced and rapidly infused. An ECG was done by the intern. She was checked and rechecked for any signs of bleeding and an internal examine was done by the consultant to check for any retained products. Intravenous antibiotics were also started and given. All drugs such as anaesthetic drugs or analgesia that Susan had been given that day were also checked to see if it had been an adverse reaction. Over the next 40 minutes she began to improve and was transferred to the labour ward for closer observation. Feelings: I felt frustrated at times. Due to my past nursing experience I was used to dealing with emergency situations on a regular basis and I found it hard to sit back and let the other midwives decide what to do next. Even though my job of recording vital signs was important I sometimes felt that I could have done more to assist my colleagues. I also felt sad for Susan’s husband even though he was kept well informed throughout, it was a terrifying experience for him. Evaluation: The worst and most frightening aspect of this experience was watching how quickly Susan became so unwell. This emphasised to me the importance of every aspect of the IMEWS and that basic skills such
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