Reflection: Coach Boone Enters The Gym And Petey

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Action Plan:
At the beginning of the clip, Coach Boone enters the gym and Petey was smiling because he was going to play football for Coach Boone. He went to high five him and Coach Boone told him to put his hand down and asked him why he was smiling. I think Petey believed that Coach Boone was going to give special treatment to the black players because they were both black. Petey quickly found that Coach was going to treat him no differently than any other player. As an administrator, I will treat all staff members the same. No matter how many years they have been teaching or how unexperienced they are.
I treating everyone the same, is the first step of building trust among the staff members. I want the staff to know that I value each and every one of them no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. The first thing I would do is create a survey for the staff. I would use the website SurveyMonkey so the staff can anonymously take the survey. I want to know what they feel are the strengths and weaknesses of our school. I want to know how they feel. Examples of survey questions I would use are: (Each question can be answered by strongly agree, agree, disagree, neutral, strongly disagree and I would have a spot below where they can add any input they would like) Students at this school care about learning …show more content…

I would like to communicate but not over communicate. In my experience, I have had administrators over communicate with the staff. As a result, it was a turn off to the staff. I always heard the teacher say, we got another email. The more he communicated the less credible he was. I have also had the experience to work for an administrator who did not communicate at all. The staff felt abandoned, lost, and sometimes felt helpless. I want to communicate like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I want to communicate with my staff not too much, not too little, but to communicate just

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