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When I was a child, I was a real menace. My mother told me my behavior could clear out a playground. Obviously changes have happened since my playground days and today I’m going to tell you a story prior to my metamorphosis. This is a story that I am not proud to say happened. My parents think it’s funny; however, at the time of the incident they did not. This happened about ten years ago, so I can now look back on it and laugh about what happened with them.
This is a story of when I locked my babysitter out of my house. At that time, she was a young high school girl, around my age now, sixteen. Her name was Bethany; she was a former student of my fathers. He worked at the junior high in town, and found most of our babysitters from there. She was always a good babysitter. We didn’t have any problems, until that day. It was a Monday afternoon in the summertime. I was ready to stay inside and relax after a tiring weekend. On Sunday, my family had just gotten back from a baseball tournament for my brother. Bitter was how I felt after spending another weekend at the diamond instead of going to a waterpark with my friends. To me every weekend of every summer was spent at a baseball diamond. My father was the coach and my brother, Noah, was a player. Honestly though, it was just about every weekend for a good chunk of my childhood, but back to the real story.
Just like any other summer day I was spending it at home. My brother, Noah, and I were at home with our babysitter,
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