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For my tutoring component for READ class, I had the opportunity of continuing to tutor my student Ryken. Eleven-year-old Ryken is an incredibly intelligent student, possessing a large vocabulary, however, he struggles distinguishing phoneme sounds while encoding and decoding. In addition to the phonological issues, Ryken’s eyes were crossed when he was young until he got glasses to help the issue. Because of his delayed literacy skills, his parent asked me to tutor him for two, forty-five minute sessions a week. Utilizing the Wilson reading program, I have had the opportunity to tutor Ryken for about thirty lessons. Throughout this time, I have been able to administer testing, teach teach letter sounds, digraphs, blends, closed syllable exceptions, and multisyllabic words. Before starting to tutor Ryken, I administered a variety of tests to identify what literacy capabilities he already possessed. Included was a grapheme/phoneme association test, the Morrison-Mccall spelling scale, an auditory deletion analysis, the Yopp-Singer phoneme segmentation test, the IOTA word test, a sight word identification exam, and the Roe and Burns formal reading inventory evaluation. After the testing, I discovered that Ryken was approximately on a first grade reading and spelling level. While he had an incredibly high vocabulary, he struggled with knowing all the basic letter-sound associations. With the information I gleaned from the testing, I was able to meet his Zone of

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