Reflection Essay : My Journey As An English Writer

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When I started college, I was quite nervous about taking college level english since english is my second language. I have been in the United States for five years and even though I am a hundred percent proficient, it is still challenging for me to jot down my thoughts in English. My journey as an English writer has not been easy and there have been many times were frustration got the best of me. Despite this, with hard work and dedication I have been able to excel in Composition Arguments. This class helped me become a critical writer; I am now able to discuss about an important topic without being biased. In addition, in this class I learned about the Rhetorical Appeals that have made my essays very persuasive and well rounded. More importantly though, this class taught me the importance of receiving feedback from my readers and peers in order to convey my message effectively. I am now very confident in my writing and I am going to talk about my journey through English 1010.
Throughout my high school career, I was always taught to only include my opinion without providing counter arguments. This fall semester however, I had to learn to write essays without being biased. At first it was very difficult because I always thought that I only needed to include my opinion in order to backup my claim. When I was asked to write an unbiased argumentative essay on the health care dilemma, I struggle to find the counter arguments side of the story. I many information about how there

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